Hello! I’m Molly.

I’m a professional librarian and experienced freelance writer.

My Librarian Origin Story 

I applied for my first part-time job as a teen services assistant when I wanted to leave my job in financial services to pursue a Master’s in Social Welfare. I valued the time I spent volunteering at a domestic violence shelter more than the time I spent at work, where helping people wasn’t the primary objective of my employer. I knew I had to make a change.

Working with teens and books was a natural fit; I had experience coaching high school debate and working with teens in the foster care and juvenile justice system. I was an avid book blogger, embedded in the online culture surrounding books and reading. Plus, I knew the answer to the question of the day: what would you recommend to fans of The Hunger Games?  (Legend by Marie Lu).

After just a few months, I realized that a career in libraries allowed me to combine my interest in social justice with my passion for books and reading. Plus, Nancy Pearl called to talk to me, and I realized that connecting readers with books they’ll love was my calling. So I decided to get my MLS instead of my MSW.

And that’s how I became a librarian.

Professional Interests

My professional interests include early literacy, readers’ advisory, community engagement, social media, connected learning (especially through fandom), and social justice.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as boys’ books and girls’ books. I think graphic novels count as real reading. I think people should read what they want, and I think there’s a book out there for everyone. But I still think it’s okay if you grow up to like cartoons more than books, or you’d rather climb mountains or untangle threads of DNA in search of stories rather than find them between pages of books.

I also think libraries are more than just repositories of books and other materials. They’re community centers and often the last public place that any and all are welcome. They connect people to information and resources no matter what form they take, and they provide the tools that enrich people’s lives.

Find out more about my professional experience, my education, and my community service.

Find links to my writing and professional presentations.

I also blog about books and library programming at wrapped up in books. I offer personalized readers’ advisory to the internet at large on tumblr at find your next book.

Contact me through this form.

Connect with me on twitter, my personal tumblr, instagram, and pinterest.


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